About OZONE network

Ozo-walk on earthIn 2009 “Apaga Technologies” acquired communication infrastructure of “Shirak Technologies” (the biggest fiber optic network in Gyumri). Having modernized it and having constructed new networks, “Apaga Technologies” now provides high-quality internet access services under “Ozone” brand in a number of regions of Armenia.

Today “Ozone” network is a hybrid infrastructure, including fiber optic and Wi-Fi access technology. Having data transfer nodes in Gyumri and Yerevan, “Ozone” network provides data transfer services to corporate customers – users of large bandwidth, ensuring uninterrupted connection among company head office and branches.

“Ozone” establishes new coverages and ensures mobile internet access around its points of presence. Wherever “Ozone” coverage is available, internet is accessible for users.

Broadband “Ozone” network, which represents a synthesis of up-to-date technologies, can be expanded due to combination of variety of network devices. “Ozone” offers innovative hardware solutions for internet access, as well as exclusive conditions of subscription and easy ways of payment.


Connection fee makes 10000AMD(including VAT). Internet access service is FREE during the first month. Then the service is provided accorfing to the prefereed tariff plan:
Connection Speed(mbps) Price AMD(including VAT)
10 6000(six thousand)
20 8000(eight thousand)

By signing this order you join the public contract (see www.apaga.am and www.ozone.am ) and accept its terms.