Internet for corporate clients

Nowadays reliable communication with any person anywhere has become very important both in everyday life and business.

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For corporate customers in remote regions of Armenia Ozone provides internet access and data transfer services.

Internet services are provided mainly in 3 ways:

           Ethernet                             Fiber optics                                Wi-Fi

Activation of internet access services is preceded by preliminary area survey, after which the connection type is set. Connection is implemented within three working days. On its completion connection quality is checked and service is activated.

Ozone Guaranteed Symmetric Link (CIR) This service ensures fixed connection speed at any time.

Ozone Non-Guaranteed Symmetric Link – Connection speed of this service depends on quantity of users. Fluctuations may occur within the range of maximum and minimum speed thresholds.


Connection fee makes 10000AMD(including VAT). Internet access service is FREE during the first month. Then the service is provided accorfing to the prefereed tariff plan:
Connection Speed(mbps) Price AMD(including VAT)
10 6000(six thousand)
20 8000(eight thousand)

By signing this order you join the public contract (see and ) and accept its terms.