Ozone Franchising

Franchising is a very important world-acknowledged business process, promoting business activity and expanding its framework.

Ozone offers favorable conditions of partnership.PointZo transparancy!2 copy

Ozone and franchisee sign an agency contract, according to which the latter provides to Ozone services of subscription, marketing materials distribution and sale of scratch cards. The franchisee is paid corresponding commission for provided services.Ozone franchisee is to implement our general manager’s decisions,related to the service provision processes, discounts and their terms. Those, who wish to work and enjoy the advantage of having a good partner, can become an Ozone franchisee in their cities or villages

For more information please call +374 (010) 56 35 94, 060 270 123



Connection fee makes 10000AMD(including VAT). Internet access service is FREE during the first month. Then the service is provided accorfing to the prefereed tariff plan:
Connection Speed(mbps) Price AMD(including VAT)
10 6000(six thousand)
20 8000(eight thousand)

By signing this order you join the public contract (see www.apaga.am and www.ozone.am ) and accept its terms.