10 commendments

    • Welcome to Ozone familly
    • Thou shalt report any suspicious activity of InfoSec
    • Thou shalt never open an unknown attachment
    • Thou shalt never open an unknown attachment
    • Thou shalt never share your passwords
    • Thou shalt always check the certificate of a website
    • Thou shalt never share information with outsiders
    • Thou shalt always protect your company’s assets
    • Thou shalt always backup your works


Connection fee makes 10000AMD(including VAT). Internet access service is FREE during the first month. Then the service is provided accorfing to the prefereed tariff plan:
Connection Speed(mbps) Price AMD(including VAT)
10 6000(six thousand)
20 8000(eight thousand)

By signing this order you join the public contract (see www.apaga.am and www.ozone.am ) and accept its terms.